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Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in
Freeport, Illinois.  We hope you find
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Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens is Northwest Illinois' premier cemetery.  We are conveniently located
on the south edge of Freeport on Hwy 26.  With 45 developed acres and a future reserve of 35 acres,
Chapel Hill is positioned to serve Freeport and surrounding communities for generations.
Our Commitment:
  • To offer a beautiful garden sanctuary where families can grieve and heal, honor and remember.
  • To care for these gardens in a manner befitting this sacred and hallowed place.
  • To ensure the future of Chapel Hill is forever protected.
  • To serve each family with respect, compassion and confidentiality - honoring their religious,
    ethnic and personal beliefs.
  • To offer dignified interment options that are financially affordable to all walks of life.
  • To be motivated by service and integrity - not by profit.
  • To assure that each employee conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism.
  • To be aware of and adhere to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • To assist and educate fellow cemeterians and to promote the universal principles by which all
    cemeteries should operate.
Chapel Hill
Memorial Gardens
Freeport, IL
Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens has adopted and adheres to official Rules and Regulations that are necessary to secure uniformity,
protect the interests of the lot owners, and to preserve the beauty and proper operation of the cemetery.  These Rules and Regulations
apply to everyone who enters the cemetery premises.  No Rule or Regulation has been made, or will be made, which is not designed to
be of benefit to the lot owners collectively.  A complete set is available for review in the cemetery office.